Rebranding and packaging Nocilla

Rebranding, brand architecture optimization, and maximizing shelf space to increase brand recognition and value.

What did we do?:

/ Branding / Naming / Diseño packaging


Nocilla is an iconic brand of cocoa-based creams present in Spanish households for over 50 years.

A brand that has been renewing and innovating its recipes to meet the needs of new consumers. It was the first brand in its category to replace palm oil with high oleic sunflower oil and cocoa butter, and its recent launches in new varieties such as Noir and Cookies & Cream have been a resounding success.


Update the brand’s branding, improve its packaging architecture, and maximize the brand block on shelves.


The strengths and areas for optimization of Nocilla’s branding are analyzed to reinforce and retain its loyal consumers while attracting newcomers to the category.

On the packaging front, Vectis updates the design to maximize the brand block on shelves, optimize its brand architecture, and enhance product visibility and appeal.

This new arrangement has improved navigation across varieties and simplified messaging, without compromising the brand’s recognition and value.

With this project, Nocilla has updated its entire range of core creams, innovations, and sticks, catering to both retail and hospitality sectors.

Additionally, one of its classic varieties, ChocoLeche, has been relaunched as ChocoMix, featuring a new recipe, naming, and packaging design.

Vectis Advisors continues to collaborate on projects with the cream brand and now extends its involvement to the Nocilla Cookies and Minis range.