Capturing the growing opportunity in the snack market

Innovation pipeline with a specific methodology, mitigating risks, providing certainties, and ensuring a higher likelihood of su.

The snack industry is growing rapidly worldwide. It is the obligation of a major food company to capitalize on this trend, leveraging existing brands or introducing new ones like Snack In. The goal is to explore the best business opportunities for snacks in various countries.

What did we do?

Detecting the best opportunities in each of the 8 studied markets, with a deep analysis of consumer behavior. What do people snack on? When do they do it? Sweet or savory?

Functional or indulgent messages? etc. The most relevant needs are studied and prioritized to create “the Ideal Snack for each country.”

Using this data, ideation sessions and concept creation are conducted, followed by prioritization and development.



Description of the ideal snack for France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the US, Romania, Japan, and China.

Generation of over 50 innovation concepts per country.

Selection of winning concepts and creation of the innovation pipeline for the next 3-5 years, built from consumer insights, selected with data, and created by both external and internal teams of the company, leading to broad consensus and commitment.