Guidelines for more effective Point-of-Sale material

Improving the return on investment in PoS signage through material optimization.


CocaCola Spain is one of the largest investors in point-of-sale communication in our market. The continuous search to improve the return on its actions includes the optimisation of in-store signage.


Develop a robust knowledge and recommendation base that, based on real consumer reactions to a wide range of inputs, optimizes brand signage.


Through neuroscientific research, answers are given to very specific questions such as: What type of photography increases brand-awareness, what type of engagment, is it better to use logos or product images, what is the most effective way to highlight promotions, what is the best way to communicate price, and so on?

This process led to the validation of more than 25,920 unique combinations. In addition, a meticulous review of more than 250 academic studies was carried out.

The findings and recommendations have been translated into guidelines designed to improve the execution of CocaCola’s promotional campaigns..

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