Point-of-Sale Excellence Guidelines


What did we do?

/ Retail strategy


We all know that the point of sale is the primary channel of communication with consumers and shoppers. However, the daily rush, team turnover, and business urgencies often hinder the consistency of our brands in the store. We lack consistency in this communication – designing and implementing stoppers, displays, headers, etc., with little methodology. We lose efficiency and the opportunity to build brand with each campaign.


Introducing a method to the design and implementation of point-of-sale materials, all in the service of enhancing excellence and efficiency in our investments in stores.


Bringing together the Trade and Marketing teams, we developed ‘Excellence Guidelines for the Point of Sale.’ Together, we made joint decisions on crucial questions such as:

– What is the dominant color that should prevail in all materials, and how much does it change during promotions?

– How much space should be dedicated to the main brand versus the differentiation of sub-families?

– What is the relative weight of the main brand logo compared to the logos of sub-brands?

– …

These Guidelines are shared with all teams to achieve consistency, effectiveness, streamlined development timelines, and brand building.