Improvement of POS material efficiency


What did we do?

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It is common for brands nowadays to dedicate time and effort to work on their brand equity, but there is often little attention or limited method applied when developing point-of-sale materials. It is through stoppers, displays, headers, and shelves that our brands communicate with the consumer and the shopper. We must be more demanding in the way we work on it.


Improving the efficiency of point-of-sale material for the modern trade. How to showcase a promotion? What images work better? Is a consumption or opening shot better? Red or white background? Do we display an iconic reference or the entire portfolio? etc.


Evaluating different approaches to these specific questions and contrasting them with consumer feedback in market studies, combining traditional research and neuroscience. This has allowed us to gain insights into some fundamental and relevant questions, as mentioned above. The idea is to continue posing questions and gaining internal knowledge to construct ‘Guidelines of Excellence for the Point of Sale,’ based on empirical data.