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The olive oil market in Spain is highly fragmented and regionalized. Even the leading brands do not have significant market shares, and it is challenging to differentiate from competitors.


Finding a brand territory for Coosur that allows it to position itself as the leader it is, claiming a space different from other brands and that can be tangible in all activations – translating it into packaging, communication, point-of-sale materials, and the team’s own discourse.


Analyzing the available internal information (sometimes, it’s not about creating or studying more, but organizing what already exists) and through regular work meetings, decisions are made regarding the strategic target, business source, consumer tensions that Coosur can address. The category benefits are also addressed, distinguishing them from the brand benefits, both at a functional and emotional level. There is a commitment to a brand personality and a communication tone.

This positioning doesn’t just remain at a theoretical level; exercises are conducted to translate it into creativity – impacting claims, design, types of images, keywords, etc.

Having a clear strategy and translating it into a concrete implementation that can be applied from that moment on is essential. Optionally, this territory and creativity can be tested with consumers.