Accelerating growth through improving capabilities and knowledge of the marketing & sales team

Fun, Team Building, Learning, Standard Methodology across different countries—all in service of TOP LINE growth.


The marketing and sales teams of this company are growing at a good pace. There is a need to unify knowledge, share a strategic vision, language, and tools, taking the best from each team and country.

What did we do?

The ‘Affinity Growth Model’ is formalized, where committees composed of members from different countries and work areas standardize best practices and create ‘the right ways to do things’ on topics as relevant as:

  1. What process to follow to build a strong equity for our brands?
  2. What key elements should a winning communication campaign have, and what steps do we follow to create it?
  3. What constitutes an efficient media plan? How do we measure it consistently everywhere?
  4. How to enhance the effectiveness of the promotional plan? What types of promotions are more successful?
  5. What steps should be taken to have a well-designed and implemented innovation at the point of sale?

The entire project was guided, coordinated, and monitored by the Vectis team.


Standardization of KPIs across international teams, similarity in the structure of briefings, and similar analysis of communication campaigns and promotions across different countries.

Impact on more than 200 workers in the commercial area across different Affinity geographies.

Presentation of results, for the second year, at the annual convention of the Affinity Growth Model.

And a lot, a whole lot of fun during one of the best Team Building practices!