Branding & packaging Jamón Cocido El Original

Revision of the brand and the design of the pack of sliced Cooked Ham to add more value.

What did we do?

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Campofrío Cooked Ham is more than a product, it’s a brand. Campofrío was born as a company alongside its first popularized product: Cooked Ham.

The Cooked Ham category declined in the year 2021/22, and being Campofrío the absolute leader, it was also affected.

The purchase channel for sliced cooked ham is very complex, with little visibility of the complete pack. The seller acts as a prescriber in many cases, there is overlap with other categories, and, in general, little differentiation between brands.

Other competitors highlight origin, naturalness, or flavor through product attribute claims (NO additives, national pork, protein percentage, etc.), hiding the unique value of the brand.


Revaluing the product through a brand project and optimizing the design of the sliced Cooked Ham packaging.


The strengths and areas for optimization of our product versus the competition are analyzed to strengthen and build loyalty among our consumer lovers and duplicators based on the key purchase drivers: flavor and naturalness.

A rebranding project is undertaken, featuring a new product presentation and a new name.

Campofrío Cooked Ham is the original product, unchanged, with which the Campofrío brand was built. What better name could it have than ‘The Original’?

The visual structure was maintained to achieve instant recognition that would not create doubts or confusion with a new product. Its Love Brand semiotic footprint was thus retained, and the value claims were strengthened.

Furthermore, the Turkey Breast variety was introduced to gain more critical mass and visibility at the point of sale and to add versatility to the brand.