Vectis Advisors redesigns the packaging of Campofrío’s Extra Cooked Ham, a leader in sliced cooked ham.

Vectis Advisors has redesigned Campofrío's Extra Cooked Ham and Pavofrío's Turkey Breast.

Campofrío's Extra Cooked Ham is the original product that launched the Campofrío brand. For this reason, the product has been renamed by adding "The Original", maintaining its graphic structure to ensure recognition as a product and enhancing its purchasing drivers: flavor and naturalness.

Following the same criteria, Vectis has also redesigned Pavofrío's Turkey Breast.

This project from the Campofrío group reinforces the commitment to work with the best teams and agencies that bring talent and differential value to the market, with a deep understanding of consumer trends in fast-moving consumer goods.