Cooperativas agro-alimentarias de España trust Vectis to enhance their strategy and brand identity

Cooperativas agro-alimentarias de España has selected Vectis to develop and strengthen its strategy and brand identity. Under the direction of Gabriel Trenzado, General Director, and Cristina Garrido, project coordinator, consumer research and brand building work has been carried out, in which representatives of various agri-food cooperatives have also been involved. The goal is to identify the most promising territory for the brand and create graphic implementations that highlight its identity.

The project seeks to communicate the potential of the network of cooperative companies to the general population and the added value of the cooperative agri-food product, transforming a currently little-known brand into a brand that is easily recognizable by consumers. This initiative not only aims to improve the visibility of cooperatives, but also to highlight their importance and contribution to the Spanish agricultural sector.

Vectis will provide its experience in brand and communication strategy to ensure that the cooperatives’ message reaches consumers effectively, thus enhancing the recognition and appreciation of their products.